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Flirtbox is a traditional, easy-to-navigate online dating site.

The minimum age to register for the site is 16 years old.

IMVU allows users the opportunity to create 3D avatars, and explore virtual communities while chatting with other users.

Though this website allows adult users, the minimum age to create an IMVU avatar and enter the virtual worlds is 13.

Dating is a time to explore, so don't limit yourself when you're looking to start a new relationship.

"PHONE BUDDIES FOR HOLLYWOOD'S ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY" PROGRAM Seniors retired from the entertainment industry get friendly phone calls from volunteers currently in the industry.

Registration is required to enter the IMVU community, as is a download of the IMVU software.

New users should understand that avatars created in IMVU are supposed to be based in fantasy, as are the virtual worlds within IMVU, so proceed with the knowledge that the other users you "meet" may be nothing like their avatars in real life.

You can specify the gender, age and location of the type of person you're looking for to narrow your search.Plus, the one that's right for you right now may not even go to your school.Use these tips to find your perfect match: Teen dating, including online dating, can be fun but you shouldn't limit yourself to online prospects only. Be open to dating people you already know or see face-to-face every day.Unlike Twitter, there is no character limit, but longer posts are unusual.Like other social networks, you can tag posts which will help other teens with similar interests find you.

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