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Equalities minister Justine Greening had written to the Labour leader to urge him to take urgent action after the fresh claims emerged.

Labour said it has launched a probe into Mr O'Mara's 'comments and behaviour' but said he would not have the whip withdrawn - so he is not being booted out the party while the investigation is undertaken.

I just thought someone like that couldn't be that involved (in politics).'The bar worker, who lives in the MP's constituency of Sheffield, added: ‘He has never apologised to me or my friends who were involved in the situation – he called us liars..

I just find it very very hard to believe he is changed man.‘I think he thinks how could we possibly affect his political career when we are just bar workers in a back street pub, how could we possibly have an impact on him?

It's untrue.' He added: 'I saw it as an attack, as a slur, and I transferred that erroneously onto people who didn't deserve it.

Weak people like bullies try and hurt other people to feel better about themselves.

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In one he asked Girls Aloud to have an orgy with him, attacked 'fatties' and said it would be funny if Jamie Cullum was 'sodomised with his own piano' in posts exposed yesterday.Officers thought he had travelled to the south of France that day and he was spotted in Marseille on October 22.Chief Superintendent Christian Bunt of Thames Valley Police said: 'We are continuing our investigation to locate Mr Ross as we have increasing concerns for his welfare.Mr O'Mara, MP for Sheffield Hallam, tried to pin the blame for his sexist online remarks on the bullying he received when a child.And he suggested that if a Tory MP had made the same comments they would have had to quit Parliament over them.

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    For example, the Distribution Act of 1958, which was premised on the understanding that “women would not have the capacity to administer property on the death of the husband”, was amended so that surviving spouses of both sexes automatically receive half of the deceased’s estate (a wife used to receive only one third of her late husband’s estate if there were no children).

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    Marlon Brando did a much better job than Steve Martin did 25 years later. "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" twisted the end of the movie and set it up for a sequel, but that never came through.