Okcupid dating profiles

There are certain times of the day and week when people are more likely to be on social media.These times (and a bit of common sense) can also be applied to dating sites.Alter your profile or the answers to the personality questions.Try messaging people out of your standard profile box. You’d be surprised how just altering a few key things changes your matches, views and connections.Using a dating website is not exactly the same as going to a bar or a party.But don't worry — using Ok Cupid is a lot like using social networking sites.Ok Cupid even did an entire blog post about keywords and the terms users respond to (apparently "zombie" is popular among the ladies).

Ok Cupid also now has a feature through which you can connect your Instagram profile, therefore upping the media you can attach to your profile.Just as there are tips and tricks to optimizing your Twitter or Facebook presence, you can take steps to boost your Ok Cupid profile and improve your experience. You’re on Ok Cupid for dating; obviously, you socialize.You’d be surprised, though, how many of my friends complain they can’t find someone on the site, and then when I say, “Well, have you messaged anyone? ” Although it may seem like “putting yourself out there” is different on an online dating site, that mindset won’t help you connect with anyone.However, that doesn’t mean you should go on a self-promotion marathon.Instead, when filling out your profile, include the web page to bands you like or a blog you enjoy.

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