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Meghana and Aditya Nagarkar love each other but this relationship is not accepted by her father Suresh Kudalkar.

He is a Maharashtrian born on September 12, 1987 in Kalyan Mumbai.While living with Aditya and Desai family, Meghana eventually falls in love with Aditya and confesses her love, and her desire to spend the rest of her life with Aditya only. Then accidentally Archana opens a box in Aditya Meghana's bedroom which had photos of Aditya Nagarkar and Meghana together and she tells about this to Desai family. They get angry with Meghana and Aditya for not telling this to them.Meghana assures everyone that she loves Aditya Desai only and it gets sorted out in a short period of time.Meghana's mother's sister finds Aditya Desai suitable groom for Meghana and arranges meeting.Aditya Desai falls in love with Meghana at first sight when he, along with his family comes for said meeting. Meghana tries everything to contact her boyfriend Aditya Nagarkar but all in vain and eventually fate brings Meghana alongside Aditya Desai by tying their knot & they together set out on the journey of life as husband & wife.

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