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One standard deviation has a 68% probability and two standard deviations have a 95% probability.

Radiocarbon dating has had an enormous impact on archaeology around the world since it made it possible to date carbon and wood could be directly without dependence on characteristic artifacts or written historical records.

Each radiocarbon date has a statistical probability shown by the ± number.

This number is called a standard deviation and is a measure of the spread of measurements around the mean (average).

When this method was first developed, a fairly large amount of carbon was necessary for dating but use of the AMS (accelerator mass spectrometer) today necessitates only a few milligrams for analysis.

In AMS, the filiamentous carbon or "graphite" derived from a sample is compressed into a small cavity in an aluminum "target" which acts as a cathode in the ion source.

Fraction Modern is a measurement of the deviation of the C is also affected by natural isotopic fractionation.

They proved this by showing that C-14 dates of wooden artifacts with cartouches (dated royal names) did not agree.The final reported error is the larger of the internal or external errors.It should be noted that the reported error is an estimate of the precision of our measurement of a single sample.C is created in the atmosphere by cosmic radiation and is taken up by plants and animals as long as they live.Upon death, the isotope begins to decay and after 5730±40 years half of it is gone.

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