Two photo combiner online dating

Also, when a person posts many photos, they often provide a portrait of their life and values.

For example, if the shots reveal the profilee traveling around the globe or bonding with the kids, you'll come away with a good idea of what makes this individual tick.

As a standard, Geraci recommends posting a clear, well-framed, flattering face shot as the primary photo and a full-body shot as the second.

Then add a third and fourth photo which reveal something about your life.

I like seeing photos of a person in different settings or doing something they love." Pros: With the addition of a couple new photos, you can really amp up your profile.

How to make it work: "Four photos works best in my experience," says Ron Geraci, an online dating consultant in New York City.Cons: Posting every photo in your digital file can smack of an oversize ego to some daters."The folks that post more than five photos strike me as narcissistic," says Molly."You want multiple photos to give the reader reassurance that there's truth in advertising here." For the sake of full disclosure, some online daters choose to post a plethora of pictures."Personally, I think the more photos, the better," says Molly, 34.

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