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The position of executive vice chan- cellor is al^ waiting to be filled, since Charles Kennel, who has held the posi- tion since 19%, will be leaving in the spring to head the Scripps institute of Oceanography at UCSD. Camesale said that he would be inclined to consk Jer someone with a non^cademic background for the vice chancellorship of budget and fmance. If you would like to learn Japanese at ^ftrdable rates, please call to dtoouss. Every effort has been made to produce the best possible — ^ quality. UC SOUTHERN REGIONAL LIBRARY PRESERVATION MICROFILMING SERVICE PIONEERS IN METHYLENE BLUE TESTING SINCE 1974 27 33M - IMth STREET WEST BURNSVILLE MN 5»37 USA TEL 612 ess MM FAX 6 PRECISION^"* RESOLUTION TARGETS PM-3 8y2"x11 " PHOTOGRAPHIC GENERAL TARGET NBS 1010a ANSI/ISO #2 EQUIVALENT ' 'K ■ •■ UCLA Daily Bruin Winter 1998 ; Los Angeles, CA Feb. 19, 1998 MN #03796 / ► In s ido today Nke guys: will sensitivity toward women knock 'em dead? Tshtone Daily Bruin Classified An Evening Working with Ernst & Young LLP when: Wednesday, February 18th ''*^-^i'^ Where: Covel Commons - West Coast/South Bay Rooms 6: MTM, Casual^ r Kme: Attire? A reception with bfeyeragcs iild snacks willlolld W. — — — ^ Please RSVP your attendance through the Student Accounting Society. Notice: This material may be protected by Copyright Law :/'.:'; \ ■'''^''"'.:, ( Title 17 U. See |age 3 Just plain weird: MOCA expands the definition of art. s U Ernst a Younc llp WORD PROCESSING tpacia Hz Ing bf ttia*- es. ' "It is important that they be able to function in the university environ- ment, which is substantially more col- legial than it is in the private sector," he said. Protesters reject military action in Iraq POLITICS: Gathering in Westwood opts stronger ties with Middle East By Urarmict Fflfcfww Daily Bruin Contributor On the day President Clinton spoke at the Pentagon to make his case for military action in Iraq, pro^ testers rejected his case at a demon- stration in Westwood. See page 13 79th year Ciitu Mon 20,000 Wednesday, February 18, 1998 Administration reallocates positions RESTRUCTURING: : JNew duties in academic plans given to vice chancellor By Mason Stod Bta Diiiy Bruin Senkr Staff Responsibility for all of UCLA's academics has now been consolidated into fewer administrative hands.

Camesale was qukk to point out that while private sector experience in the area of budget and fmance would be a plus, it is necessary to choose someone who can work well in the unique environment of a large public university such as UCLA.

Mitchell said that since the execu- tive vice chancellor was already the head of academic planning, having another vice chancellor doing the same thing was not necessary.

"It didn't really make sense to have a vice chancellor charged with acade- mic budgeting reporting to the execu- tive vice chancellor in charge of acade- mics," he said.

"The title was changed with the idea that academic planning is the responsibility of the executive vice chancellor, working closely with the chancellor," Chancellor Albert Camesale said. PRIMARY LEVEL All acade- - tfic sut^bo Gk Plus SAT. High school arnl below welcome Jeff 213-653-2240 WRITING TUTOR KIND AND PATIENT Stanford University graduale. /hr 310-472-8240 or 310-44(M)285 10 YRS EXPERIENCE Word Processing.

According to Ted Mitchell, the for- mer vice chancellor of academic plan- ning and budget, the new position will be 'Very dif Tcrcnt" from the previous position.

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