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From a creative standpoint, I loved this segment, as it got some needed heat on Triple H.Triple H has become sort of a darling to the hardcore fan base in recent years due to all of the work he has done with NXT.I honestly thought that he was going to fire himself, but since he did not fire anyone, he essentially defied Stephanie Mc Mahon’s orders.On top of that, he stuck a dirty sock down her husband’s throat.Foley has announced that he will eventually be taking time away from WWE to undergo hip surgery, so it is a only a matter of time before he is removed from his general manager post in some way. Shawn Michaels warns Roman Reigns Another surprise appearance on the program was from WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, who interrupted Reigns while he was calling out The Undertaker.Since Michaels is very familiar with The Undertaker, especially at Wrestle Mania, it was easy to tell where this segment was going.That was until Triple H got a hold of Rollins’ crutch and wacked him across his injured knee with it.

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But one thing that did stick out to me was how Reigns handled himself on the microphone with Michaels.On the other side you have one of the most recognizable sports figures in the world in Shaq.It doesn’t get much bigger than Shaq — literally or figuratively. That could have been his last shot at a big match at Wrestle Mania.Well, the chances faded away completely Monday night when WWE quickly announced that Big Show was going to enter the Andre the Giant Battle Royal with the hopes of winning it for the second time.The match between Big Show and Shaq would not have been great, but this wasn’t going to be about work rate. On one side you would have had one of the largest athletes in the world in Big Show.

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